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Your life perfectly pinned

We begin each project with the most important piece: you. We get to know you before we recommend a specific style or direction. That way your space can become a beautiful expression of who you are…rather than an expression of our preferred design style. Our Pinterest site is a gallery of Design projects and pieces we love.

We let fun influence the process.

We would love to get know you and we want you to know us. Our Facebook exists for you to see the real life and fun side of our team. We also want you to see some of the amazing projects we are designing.

Explore our Studio

We love to work as a team, collaborating and helping each other in ways that deliver a multiplied value to you. The energy that emanates from our team—that vibe you sense—feels a bit “big city” to some people. That big city vibe doesn’t outweigh our commitment to things like family and responsibility that are distinctively Wisconsin. It’s an interesting blend that’s a part of who we are. Our Studio is a place to meet us and see our showroom of merchandise.

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